CIRQUE would like to thank all the speakers for their generous contribution of time and expertise to make the conference possible. Their dedication enhances the event, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge. We appreciate each speaker’s valuable contributions, making this conference a meaningful and enriching experience for all participants.

Karen Bozynski Wilson ‘Sci’96 (Materials and Metallurgical Engineering) was thrilled to be recruited by Celestica in 1994, just as it was being spun-off from IBM. As she started her 16-months internship in the Prototype lab, she had an opportunity to work with circuit boards going into space as well as some of the initial motherboards establishing the internet. By reflecting her projects’ improvements not only as quality defect improvements but also as cost savings to directly improve profitability of the company, it launched her career for process optimization then factory optimization, factory design and operation, including designing and leading a 7×24 brownfield in Aurora Ontario that was more cost efficient than Mexico. When she was expecting her first child but flying transpacific for projects, it was the right time to take a break and experience a startup.

With deep experience how to design and build electronics in Canada, she now helps Canadian hardware/AI startups come to market. She helps bring partnerships together, particularly suppliers to startups as well as large innovative companies who seek to license their tech or become a customer of the startups. She also seeks to help build the next generation of tech talent for Canada, particularly the incredible students at Queen’s!

Dr. Ian Chen, an adolescent medicine and neurodevelopmental physician, currently serves as the Managing Director of Chen Medimo Corp. He earned his engineering degree from Queen’s University, followed by his medical degree from Des Moines University in Iowa. Dr. Chen completed his pediatrics residency at Cleveland Clinic, along with fellowships in adolescent medicine and adolescent transplant medicine at Toronto’s SickKids Hospital and the University of Toronto.

During his tenure as a Staff Physician at SickKids, where he held the unique role of the only adolescent transplant pediatrician globally, Dr. Chen recognized the pressing need for innovative approaches to address the health challenges faced by young people. In response, he established a community adolescent medicine program at Kindercare in midtown Toronto to bring specialized support closer to those in need. However, the clinic’s resources were soon overwhelmed by demand, leading to the founding of Chen Medimo Brain Clinic.

The Chen Medimo Brain Clinic not only offers comprehensive brain health care for young individuals but also utilizes quantitative electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to scan and evaluate individual brain wave patterns. This innovative approach enhances the clinic’s ability to diagnose and treat mental health conditions, including concussions.

With over two decades of investment banking expertise, David has been a trusted advisor to high-growth technology companies. His impressive track record includes successfully completing over $100 billion in capital raising and advisory transactions for clients across North America and Europe. In 2008, David founded the technology investment banking practice at BMO Capital Markets and currently holds the position of Global Head of BMO’s Technology and Business Services investment and corporate banking practice.

Before embarking on his investment banking career, David dedicated seven years to the IT consulting industry. During this time, he played a pivotal role in opening a branch office for a firm in Dallas, Texas. David holds an MBA in Finance from SMU in Dallas, Texas, and earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from Queens University in 1993.

Beyond his professional achievements, David is a family man, married with six children. Outside of work and family commitments, he channels his energy into training for triathlons during his spare time.

Kristine Beese is the CEO and founder of Untangle Money, a fintech startup with a mission to provide financial plans to one million Canadian women within the next 4 years.

In her discussions, Kristine highlights the unintended consequences of a financial system designed for the typical male. She shares captivating stories about essential financial knowledge for women and suggests practical steps to align day-to-day spending with long-term goals, empowering women to make optimal financial decisions for themselves.

Backed by research, insights, and extensive experience, Kristine emerges as a credible and compelling expert. She regularly educates audiences on the critical importance of achieving gendered financial equity.

In her role as the CEO of Untangle Money, Kristine is on a mission to place an affordable and unbiased financial plan in the hands of every woman worldwide. Her goal is to bridge the wealth gap from the grassroots, contributing to the enhancement of gender equity.

A former national pairs figure skater, Kristine brings tenacity and bravery to her role as a founder. With a natural inclination for problem-solving, her international experience in engineering, capital markets, and wealth management equips her with a unique perspective. Kristine holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business and a degree in engineering physics from Queen’s University.

As the Chief Client Experience Officer, Paul holds the responsibility, as mandated by our regulators, for our managed investing business. He collaborates closely with the Sales, Client Support, CX Operations, Advisors, and Wealthsimple Work (B2B) teams to ensure that our clients receive the necessary support on their journey to financial freedom.

Paul firmly believes that culture trumps strategy and emphasizes the importance of building business culture through storytelling. Throughout his leadership, he has consistently focused on sales and customer engagement.

Previously, Paul served as the co-founder and CEO of Nudge (acquired by Affinity in 2020). Additionally, he played a pivotal role in the founding team of Eloqua (marketing automation), guiding it from $0 to over $100 million in revenue. Under his leadership, Eloqua went through an IPO and a successful acquisition by Oracle for $957 million.

Paul is driven by a passion for building exceptional teams and products that empower clients to achieve growth

Circle 5, a leader in the manufacturing and prototyping sector, epitomizes lifelong learning and creative collaboration. With 35 years of experience in machining metals and plastic injection molding showcases our capability to innovate and adapt. Circle 5’s core values include creativity, mental health, and high living standards, aligning perfectly with the ethos of CIRQUE. They are committed to excellence, continuously evolving in response to complex challenges with cost-effective, high-quality solutions, Circle 5 hope to inspire engineering students, showcasing how creativity, teamwork, and a dedication to continuous learning are essential for success in the dynamic field of engineering.

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