Sarah Li

Sarah is a fifth-year student in chemical engineering, returning after a year of internship at Canadian Natural Resources Limited. Sarah loves to explore different facets and applications of engineering and science; hence why she has also worked at Shell and completed a research practicum abroad in Germany at J├╝lich Forschungszentrum.

She is also a part of Certificate in Business program to try and broaden her scopes to learn outside of engineering as well. Sarah is looking forward to being a part of the sponsorship team to help connect industries with students! She loves working and interacting with people, so she is excited to be in a role which allows her to interact with various industry representatives!

She is also excited to work with the rest of the team to help facilitate a successful conference! In her spare time, Sarah loves to stay active through various extra-curricular activities including climbing, hiking, and volunteering.


Kingston, Ontario


January 24/25, 2020