Renner Siebens

Renner is a third-year Applied Mathematics and Engineering student. Renner originates from Calgary and has a passion for nuclear energy and combining his interests in finance and technology. Previously the Speaker Coordinator for CIRQUE 2021, Renner realized the sheer potential of this conference and how versatile the engineering degree really was.

For the past two summer's, Renner has interned at a private equity firm specializing in niche real estate markets and has accepted a 16-month internship working in the energy consulting sector. Renner is thrilled to be CIRQUE 2022's Co-Chair as he believes this is the perfect opportunity to show the delegates some of the tremendous career paths they can pursue. With the various high-profile speakers and workshops lined up, he envisions CIRQUE 2020 delegates will leave the conference with an invaluable experience and a plethora of professional connections.


Kingston, Ontario


Fenruary 11/12, 2022


Email: [email protected]