SebastienLe Blanc

Sebastien grew up in Calgary, Alberta and is currently in his third year of mechanical engineering at Queen’s University. Next year he will commence his 16-month internship journey at Honda as an engineering intern. Previously, Sebastien was a part of the sponsorship team with the Queen’s Engineering Competition and he looks forward to transferring his knowledge to help fund CIRQUE. Sebastien is thrilled to be a part of the CIRQUE sponsorship team and help connect students with company representatives. Notably, Sebastien enjoys working with and meeting new students and company reps alike. Sebastien’s hobbies include sports, travelling and cooking. His goal is to help raise as much money as possible and establish meaningful partnerships with companies in order to maximize CIRQUE 2021 and each future conference’s potential.


Kingston, Ontario


January 24/25, 2020


Email: [email protected]